December 2023

FPD Investigations Unit Meeting

The Fullerton Police Dept is holding a public meeting on Tuesday, December 5th from 5-6:30pm at Lagos Mexican Restaurant to answer any Investigations Bureau-related questions.  Amerige Heights Neighborhood Watch street captains will be in attendance to represent the community.  Residents are welcome to join in and can RSVP on the Fullerton_PD Facebook page.

November 2023

Avoiding Porch Pirates

The Fullerton Police Dept has a reminder for residents about protecting their package deliveries as we head into the holidays. Please see the Fullerton_PD Facebook page for more details.

October 2023

FPD Burglary Patrols

The Fullerton Police Dept has placed a messages boards around the city warning residents about the uptick in home burglaries throughout the city. The following board is located on Bastanchury and Parks Rd.  More information about protecting your home and staying safe can be found on the on the Fullerton Police Dept website.

August 2023

AHNW signs are now up in the community

The Amerige Heights Neighborhood Watch street signs have been installed at all the entrances to the community.  A huge “Thank You” to the city of Fullerton Public Works Dept for getting them up so quickly.  

We have 19 of the 70 streets in Amerige Heights setup with a Street Captain.  If you would like to find out more information about setting up your street in the program, please email

July 2023

Very busy May, June and July

The Amerige Heights Neighborhood Watch Team has had a very busy few months researching and testing out options for residents.  We are planning a community event for Sept/Oct where we will present all of our findings on the following topics:

  • 4 new Street Captains have joined the program
  • Wyze Camera Testing
  • Avycon Camera Testing
  • Deep Sentinel live monitored camera research
  • Vetting Security Camera Installers
  • Website for Avycon cameras with discounts for AH residents
  • Flock Camera approval by the HOA board
  • Researched window film companies
  • Provided input for the AH LED Streetlight bulb upgrade

April 2023

Thank You AHNW Street Captains

The Amerige Heights Neighborhood Watch Team currently has 15 Street Captains and 2 Area Leads.  They had their 1st team meeting on March 26th and were able to share lots of great suggestions with each other.  They have been busy meeting their neighbors and updating everyone with the latest information.  If you would like to represent your street, please send and email to


Neighborhood Watch Signs

The Amerige Heights Neighborhood Watch Team has been busy behind the scenes.  In addition to researching many safety related products for the community, they have been working with the City of Fullerton’s Traffic Engineering Dept on getting the Neighborhood Watch signs mounted at the 8 entrances to Amerige Heights.  Once those go up, the signs will then be added to the public streets inside the community (Hughes, Starbuck, Benchley and Hetebrink).  In addition, each of the private streets in the community that is organized with a Street Captain, will also be receiving a sign for their individual street.

March 2023

Thank You Fullerton Police Dept

The Amerige Heights Neighborhood Watch Team would like to thank the Fullerton Police Dept for their assistance with 2 recent issues that were affecting the community.   The Street Captains in Areas 4 and 7 provided information to the Dept which they processed and then resolved the issues.  Thank You Fullerton PD for your wonderful partnership!!

February 2023

Sign Up Form Error

There was a mail server issue from January 28th – 31st which caused all submissions on the Sign Up form to fail. If residents submitted their interest through the form on those days, please send an email to with your contact information to volunteer for the program and we will reach out to you.

Updated Website Information

Please check out the updated information under the “AHNW PROGRAM” tab at the top of this page.  It contains new information for the “Program Overview” and “Area and Street Groups“.

January 2023

Looking for Street Captains

Being a Street Captain is very easy and quite rewarding.  You get to meet all of your neighbors and be involved in your community. The responsibilities are very minimal and you will always have direct support from the AHNW Leadership Team.  You will be provided with a customized flyer for your Street Group to help make an introduction to your neighbors very easy.  

If you would like to be a Street Captain for your street, please send an email to with your contact info.   We will reach out and help you set up the program on your street.


Sign ups for all of Amerige Heights is now open

Sign ups for every street in Amerige Heights is now open.  

If you would like to be a Street Captain for your street or would like more information about the program, please send an email to and we will contact you.

December 2022

Area 1 Signups Now Taking Place

The homes in Area 1 are now being contacted to be a part of the program.  Area 1 is made up of the following Street Groups. Please see the Area 1 page for details.

Root West

Evans West



Stein Strauss

October 2022

November 2nd Meeting

There will be a meeting on Wednesday, November 2nd at 6pm in the Amerige Heights Clubhouse.  Sergeant Bridges from the Fullerton Police Dept will discuss the new Amerige Heights Neighborhood Watch Program and the partnership with the Fullerton Police Department.

August 2022

Sign up for Updates or to be a Street Captain

If you would like to receive email updates on the Amerige Heights Neighborhood Watch Program or would like to volunteer to be a Street Captain, please send an email to


If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to email